Best Top 10 Dog Pictures

We all know how adorable are dogs and so photogenic too. Most of them love the camera and the limelight. Saw any commercials? They play the best leading role.
There are innumerable pictures of dogs which you can find anywhere and everywhere but here we have brought exclusively for you Top 10 Pictures of dogs you can ever find.
Dogs always perform their tasks or duties no matter what. They're loyal and always protect you from any mishaps. Even the stray dogs are so protective that they take care of houses, the residents of a colony, etc
Also, dogs a very good in understanding human emotions. They'll bw around you if they find you sad. They'll even try to cheer you up and we bet they succeed, don't they?
You know what? They can even sense your heartbeat and that makes them know whether you are sad or anxious.


Top 10 Dog Photos

All dogs and puppies are beautiful creations of god but stillsoms of them are rare. We do find them in the park, or behind the bushes. They're not so common. Some of them are extremely rare like-
Bergamasco Shepherd
It looks like sheeps and is a native of italy. Extremely rare.

Thai Ridgeback
An ancient dog found in Thailand
Peruvian Inca Orchid
A native of Peru, its an hairless dog perfect for becoming a watchdog.
Caucasian Ovacharka
Rare brees in U.S. looks similar to a lion and can grow uoto 75 cms.
Rare hunting dogs from Hungary. Sadly only a few thousand are left.
Some others are also there to join the list. For that just scroll down and watch. Don't forget to download.


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